Hardware and Integration

Hardware Evaluation

High-Level Architecture and Abstract Machine Models

Principal Investigators:  David Donofrio, lead, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Jeanine Cook, Sandia National Laboratories (SNL); Jeff Kuehn, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Ray Blair, Argonne National Laboratory; Robert Hoekstra, SNL

This project is responsible for producing simplified but high-level representative models, to be used as a communication aid throughout the ECP. This working group will also be tasked with high-level outreach activities to brief Application Development and Software Technology teams on the important characteristics of forthcoming exascale architectures. In addition, they will use simplified models to ensure any restrictions placed on information content by vendors is followed.

The basis for activities performed by the High-Level Architecture and Abstract Machine Models will be the US Department of Energy’s Abstract Machine Model collection, which was developed during the previous Advanced Scientific Computing Research Architecture Laboratory project and in the early stages of the ECP Design Space Evaluation project.