Software Technology

Software Ecosystem and Delivery

ECP Software Stack Releases

Principal Investigator: Rob Neely, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

This project supports a set of activities aimed at coordinating the delivery of a comprehensive and coherent set of software tools to all interested stakeholders on behalf of the ECP Software Technologies. The project will have a Release Engineer/Manager who is in charge of overseeing the entire process, including establishing a vision for long-term sustainability of the ECP software stack in the broader community. The Release Engineer will coordinate with the ST SDK projects to identify and leverage commonality across the SDKs, promote community standards for software processes, and establish a process for deploying a GitLab Enterprise solution for the ECP where SDKs will synchronize their work and take advantage of continuous integration services we plan to deploy at each of the facilities. The project will also employ a Test Engineer who will be in charge of establishing a common framework for integration testing at the various facilities, working with the Spack team on core functionality improvements needed to fully support the ECP software release vision, and with the OpenHPC group on potential for shared infrastructure.