Software Technology

Development Tools

Software Development Kit

Principal Investigator: Jeff Vetter, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

A Software Development Kit (SDK) in the Exascale Computing Project (ECP) Software Technology (ST) focus area is a community effort to:

• Define complementarity and interoperability across a collection of software capabilities in a given functionality domain.
• Create a set of community policies that govern community behavior and quality expectations.
• Grow awareness of best practices among SDK community members.
• Increase common look-and-feel across independently developed capabilities.
• Provide an intermediate build-integration-testing target to reduce the complexity of managing the ECP software stack.

The Extreme-scale Scientific Software Development Kit (xSDK) is an existing project within ECP ST, bringing together the math libraries (hypre, PETSc, SuperLU, Trilinos and more) as an SDK. The xSDK provides an tangible case study for how an SDK can be established.

The Development Tools SDK project will identify and establish one or more SDKs within the Development Tools communities, with a goal of satisfying the above objectives.