Hardware and Integration

Hardware Evaluation

Compute Node Simulation

Principal Investigators:  David Donofrio, lead, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Arun Rodrigues, Sandia National Laboratories; Andrew Chien, University of Chicago


The Compute Nodes Working Group is responsible for providing studies on the next-generation compute node designs. Two types of studies will be performed: (1) partnering with facilities, ECP-Application Development/Software Technology, and hardware vendors (via PathForward) to study the effects on application performance of changes in the design of compute nodes and (2) providing guidance into potential exascale-class architectures that will supply the greatest benefit to US Department of Energy (DOE) workloads.

The basis for studies performed will be the world-class simulation tools and modeling capabilities developed by several DOE laboratories. In some cases, and where applicable, vendor tools may also be used to study performance/compare analysis results.