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Argo: Operating System and Resource Management for Exascale

Principal Investigators: Pete Beckman, lead, Argonne National Laboratory; Maya Gokhale, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Argo will improve or augment existing OS/R components for use in HPC. For more than a decade Argonne and LLNL have led the development of improved OS/R components for production HPC systems. The goal of Argo is to improve or augment existing OS/R components for use in production HPC systems, providing portable, open source software that improves the performance and scalability and that provides increased functionality to exascale applications.

We focus on the four areas of the OS/R stack where the need is the most urgent:
1. support for hierarchical memory,
2. dynamic management of power and CPU clock speed to meet performance targets,
3. containers for managing resources within a node, and
4. internode interfaces for collectively managing resources across groups of nodes.