Software Technology

Data and Visualization

ALPINE: Algorithms and Infrastructure for In Situ Visualization and Analysis

Principal Investigators: James Ahrens, lead, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Hank Childs, deputy principal investigator, University of Oregon; Gunter H. Weber, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Eric Brugger, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Berk Geveci, Kitware, Inc.

This project develops algorithms and infrastructure for in situ visualization and analysis on exascale systems, and also engages with ECP applications to integrate algorithms and infrastructure into their software. ALPINE developers come from the ParaView and VisIt teams and ALPINE solutions will involve those tools. ALPINE’s objectives are:

• Deliver visualization and analysis algorithms suitable for exascale and in situ processing.
• Deliver in situ infrastructure that is exascale-capable and can be used for deployment of existing applications, libraries, and tools.
• Engage with ECP Applications to integrate algorithms and infrastructure into their software.
• Engage with ECP Software Technologies to integrate their exascale software into ALPINE infrastructure.