Acquisition and Analysis of Times Series of Satellite Data in the Cloud – Lessons from the Field

The IDEAS Productivity project, in partnership with the DOE Computing Facilities of the ALCF, OLCF, and NERSC, and the DOE Exascale Computing Project (ECP), organizes the webinar series on Best Practices for HPC Software Developers.

As part of this series, we offer one-hour webinars on topics in scientific software development and high-performance computing, approximately once a month. The May webinar is titled Acquisition and Analysis of Times Series of Satellite Data in the Cloud – Lessons from the Field; and will be presented by Marisol Garcia-Reyes (Farallon Institute). The webinar will take place on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at 1:00 pm ET.


Satellite data has grown and matured to levels that allow powerful and relevant analysis in climate science, which requires time series spanning decades. Acquiring such data has been a technical and coding challenge given the historical formats in which data is stored, and analyzing the data has required high levels of coding expertise. With technological advances, like the coding language Python and new storage and process capabilities available in the cloud, there is great potential to increase the use of satellite data in new and diverse research areas. This requires, however, expanding the user base by building capacity in groups with limited coding or technological expertise. A challenge is the steep learning curve for these new technological advances, which can be intimidating and discouraging. To provide a taste of the new technologies and opportunities they provide, the presenter has developed a tutorial to teach potential new users how to acquire, synthesize and analyze satellite and satellite-based time series of data, while learning and using Python and cloud advances in the process. In this webinar, the speaker will share the lessons learned in making and teaching the tutorial, which can be found at