Overview of OpenMP 4.5 and 5.0 Features


The webinar consisted of three segments:

  • A review of the fork-join OpenMP programming model, followed by an introductory overview of the tasking model. This segment provided application developers with the necessary tools to go beyond the commonly used parallel loop.
  • A brief introduction to the OpenMP execution model and data environment for accelerators such as GPUs. This segment also discussed the important basic OpenMP 4.5 constructs and concepts.
  • A review of the OpenMP standard, 5.0, and its new constructs. This segment covered several important features in OpenMP 5.0 that can improve usability, offload flexibility, and extend the existing functionality in OpenMP 4.5.


  • Haritha Siddabathuni Som (ALCF)
  • Ray Loy (ALCF)
  • Yasaman Ghadar (ALCF)

Webinar material