Parallel I/O with HDF5 and Performance Tuning Techniques

This webinar is designed for users who have had exposure to HDF5 and MPI I/O and would like to learn about doing parallel I/O with the HDF5 library. Our main goal is to make our users aware of how to avoid poor I/O performance when using parallel HDF5 library and equip them with the tools to investigate performance.

In the first part of this presentation, we will cover HDF5 parallel library design, application programming model, and demonstrate capabilities of the HDF5 parallel library. Then we will give an overview of parallel file systems effects on HDF5 performance and will discuss the tools useful for performance investigations. We will use examples from well-known codes and use cases from HPC science applications to demonstrate these tools, along with HDF5 tuning techniques such as collective metadata I/O, data aggregation, parallel compression, and other HDF5 tuning parameters.