Webinar: A Study of HACC-IO Benchmarks

A Study of HACC-IO Benchmarks

The HDF group intern, Chen Wang, presented a study of HACC-IO Benchmarks. The HDF group finished a study on I/O access pattern with several ECP applications (FLASH, NWChem, Chombo, QMCPack, and HACC I/O), using a Recorder tool that was added to Spack. The results of the study are described in a white paper. The paper looks at the steps of analyzing and tuning the HACC-IO benchmarks, the impact of different access patterns, stripe settings and HDF5 metadata. It also compares the five benchmarks on two different parallel file systems, Lustre and GPFS and shows that HDF5 with proper optimizations can catch up the pure MPI-IO implementations.

More information about the webinar as well as presentation materials can be found here.