Hardware and Integration

Hardware Evaluation

Hardware and Integration Area Technical Lead: Simon Hammond, Sandia National Laboratories

The Hardware Evaluation project element supports US Department of Energy (DOE) facilities and the ECP project by providing independent and quantitative hardware and computer architecture evaluations. Independence from vendor tools/analysis allows DOE to investigate whether claimed performance levels and benefits are genuine for complex workloads. Additionally, an independent capability permits additional benefits: (1) it allows for true “apples-to-apples” comparison across vendor solutions, something a vendor-specific solution cannot do, and, (2), it allows DOE to scale up analysis capabilities or provide these in settings where code access may be difficult or impossible—examples, may include complex applications that require sophisticated build processes that vendors cannot replicate or national-security-related applications that DOE cannot easily provide. It is crucial that DOE maintain an active and effective internal team that can evaluate and guide the ECP project/DOE facilities to superior classes of performance and machine efficiency. The specific projects involved are listed below.