Hardware and Integration

Application Integration at Facilities

Hardware and Integration Area Technical Lead: Judy Hill, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

There exists a critical dependency but also a synergy between the ECP application development effort and similar application readiness efforts at the US Department of Energy (DOE) computing facilities. Application Integration at Facilities will serve as a bridge between these activities, ensuring that the ECP application development efforts are appropriately informed of and targeting the architectural features of the exascale and pre-exascale architectures, and that the computing facilities are engaged in the ECP application development effort to both augment their own application readiness efforts and avoid duplication between these efforts. Currently, the ECP application portfolio contains 22 distinct application efforts targeting a wide range of domain areas, all of which are currently or will be important to one or more DOE computing facilities. Each ECP application has a challenge problem with simulation targets that rely on the pre-exascale and future exascale architectures of the computing facilities. The success of the application projects depends on both access to the facilities but also access to the specific knowledge and experience available at facilities. The Application Integration at Facilities activities ensure that the applications and the facilities are integrated together so that practical knowledge from each flows to the other and that application readiness efforts and best practices are shared. The specific projects involved are listed below.